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Biography (1911-1990)

1911 Born on 16 June in Solingen, Germany
1930 - 1933 Leaves the eighth year of German secondary school with the intermediate school certificate. Studies in three winter semesters at Düsseldorf Art Academy under W.Heuser, H.Nauen and E.Mataré
1933 Decreed end to his studies and ban on exhibition
1938 First glass windows in St Engelbert, Solingen, destroyed during the war
1944 Destruction of numerous earlier paintings
1946 First single exhibition in the “Studio” of the Municipal Museum of Wuppertal
1949 Move to Cologne. Five windows for St Mark in Wittlich
1950 Blevin-Davis-Prize for the oil painting “Der neue Adam”. Member of the newly founded German Artist Association
1951 Culture prize from the Town of Wuppertal
1952 Stefan-Lochner-Medal from the City of Cologne. WDR-glass wall (54 sm), Cologne
1953 Glass wall (240 sm) for St Kilian, Schweinfurt. Guest lecturer at the Art School of the Land Hamburg
1953 - 1955 Offered a chair at the Städelschule, Frankfurt
1954 Fresco-Altar wall painting (200 sm) for St Alfons, Würzburg. Four staircase windows (Horsemen of the Apocalypse) for the Old Town Hall in Wittlich
1955 Great Art Prize from the Land Northrhine-Westphalia. Participation in the documenta
1955 - 1959 Professorship at Düsseldorf Art Academy
1956 First prize for “The best glass picture of the glass foundry Mittinger”
1957 Glass wall (294 sm) of the Bottrop Heilig-Kreuz-Church: In Germany the first abstract design in sacral room
1958 Prize for glass painting at Biennale in Salzburg
1959 Great Federal Gross of Merit. Participation in documenta II
1959/1970 Window wall “The Good Sheperd” for Wittlich's cemetery chapel
1960 - 1976 Professorship at the Art Academy Karlsruhe
1963 Altar Fresco (123 sm) for Maria-Regina-Martyrum, Berlin
1964 - 1967 Lectureship at the Academy of Graphic Arts Munich
1965 “The Risen Christ”,
Glass window for cemetery chapel, Trierer Landstraße
1967 - 1972 President of the German Artists Federation
1969 Seven windows for the hospital chapel in Wittlich – in the meantime located in the Old Town Hall
1969 - 1973 Oil painting: “Colored notes for the biography of Federal Chancellor Brandt”
1971 Overview exhibition at the Rhenish Land Museum Bonn
1974 Culture prize from the Town of Solingen Fresco wall painting (160 sm) for the ZDFBroadcasting Centre Mainz
1975 State prize from the Land Rhineland-Palatinate for “Art in Buildings”
1976 Four windows for the Camposanto Teutonico
1979 - 1986 New designing of St Gereon at Cologne (“... my religious testament and climax of my lifework ...”)
1981 Overview exhibition in the Germanic National Museum Nuremberg
1982 Slevogt-Medal
1984 Romano-Guardini-Prize
1986 Honorary member of Düsseldorf Art Academy, Order of Merit from the Land Northrhine-Westphalia
1989 State prize from the State of Northrhine-Westphalia
1990 Federal Gross of Merit with star and shoulder band. Georg Meistermann dies on 12 June.

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